Welcome to my website! / by Graciela Socorro

Hello dear friends!

Welcome to my new Bindu website!

First of all, let me explain you what the word Bindu means: it comes from the Sanskrit word meaning "point" or "dot. That's all! As simple as that. It makes sense, right? 

Bindu Art is a project comprised of passion for the combination of color, shape and illusion. With these mixed media sculptures I try to explore the power of color and the connection that it has with the ephemeral. By getting up close I'm able to recreate bast color landscapes, with different tridimensional elements that recreate an inner reality that could come from another dimension of being. This is presented by using the most perfect and symmetric shape of all, The Circle.

Through my website and social media I will keep you updated with my new projects, exhibitions and more!

Thank you for visiting Bindu Art

Graciela Socorro